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Q: What resources can MIT provide students to make an informed decision about choosing a major?
Q: Understanding and navigating the resources available at MIT Medical is one topic my peers discuss as being important but often underappreciated. How can we approach this?
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Q: Unsustainable practices causing climate change, pollution, resource depletion, and other systemic instability make me fear for the well-being of future generations. Does the university take sustainability as seriously as I do?
Q: What’s going on this summer with the residence halls?
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MIT Housing

Q: What can students do personally to better their mental health state and better manage the stresses of MIT life (or life in general)?
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Zan Barry, Senior Program Manager in Community Wellness at MIT Medical

Q: Is there a list or calendar for all departmental seminars? I receive e-mails from my department, but I have interdisciplinary interests.
Q: If I had concerns about a friend’s substance use, what programs are available on campus to help my friend?
Q: I’ve heard the concept of OneMIT around campus (e.g., working cross-functionally and breaking down silos between groups). How does MIT leadership view the current state of “One MIT,” and where do you want it to go from here?