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At a recent Cookies and Conversation, I had a chance to talk to students about a common question, “How can MIT help students interact more with professors, especially freshman year?”  Students want to get to know the faculty –...

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At a recent "Dinner With Dialogue" with graduate students, the question was raised: "How can we better facilitate the cooperation between Sloan and Engineering schools to ensure there are even mo

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Q: What more can MIT do to help students who decide to take time off for mental health reasons?
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David Randall, Associate Dean, Student Support Services

Q: What are the resources made available to students to support their spouses, especially foreign spouses, and family? I’m especially interested in personal counseling and career services.
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Jennifer Recklet Tassi, Program Manager for MIT spouses&partners

Q: I've noticed that compared to other schools, the administrative barriers to setting up events seem much higher at MIT. Can the process be streamlined?
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Leah Flynn Gallant, Assistant Dean and Director for Student Leadership and Engagement

Q: Why are there so many administrators at MIT? Why is the number growing?
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Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

Q: I know that a new nanoscience complex will take building 12's space. What is the timeframe and what other projects are in the works?