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Dear Students,

With the end of the semester here and summer looming large, I’d like to share with you one of my strategies for managing the intensity, and the associated stress, of MIT:  Get away (but be sure to return)!  I recently did...

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Q: Every MIT grad student will need to transition to 'the real world' at some point, be that academia, industry, a national laboratory, etc. What advice and mentorship on making career decisions is available?
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Read response from Marilyn Wilson, Associate Director, Career Counseling & Education | MIT Global Education & Career Development

Q: I would like to know more about the situation of graduate women at MIT, their participation in leadership roles, and the type of environment they usually find in their labs.
Q: What resources and methods are available to alleviate stress from the subconscious pressure to succeed at MIT?
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David Randall, Associate Dean, Student Support Services

Q: What are the plans for renovations to residence halls this summer and how will they affect on-campus housing?
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Dennis Collins, Director of Residential Life for Capital Renewal and Renovation, Housing Department

Q: I know that a new nanoscience complex will take building 12's space. What is the timeframe and what other projects are in the works?