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Dear Students, 

Welcome! As Chancellor, I am responsible for “all things students.” This means that I have oversight responsibility for graduate and undergraduate education, student life, student activities and student services. I want to...

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Q: I hear the MIT Chapel will close soon for renovations. What will happen to services and other programming that are usually held in the Chapel?
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Phil Walsh, Director, Campus Activities Complex

Q: I would like to know more about the situation of graduate women at MIT, their participation in leadership roles, and the type of environment they usually find in their labs.
Q: Who uses offices like Student Support Services (S3)? I am nervous about contacting someone for help and wonder what happens if I do.
Q: Most MIT students don't get enough sleep on a routine basis. I think that sleep is incredibly important. Are there resources on campus to help advise us on balancing sleep, school, and our social life?