Academic Planning and Tools

Academic Records

Academic Planning

  • Information for graduate students on deciding to leave the Institute (for medical, personal, or other reasons), and how to return after an absence

  • Policies and procedures for taking a leave of absence and returning to MIT are coordinated by Student Support Services

  • For full-time, registered graduate student women who anticipate giving birth

  • A form to seek approval for a particular action or request such as amending a program of study, completing a dual degree, resolving an incomplete grade, or applying for a thesis field not currently available

  • Enables an MIT grad student enrolled in a doctoral program to study at another participating grad school for a limited period of time

  • If you are carrying out doctoral research while not in formal residence at the Institute, read about Thesis Research in Absentia and about Nonresident Doctoral Thesis Research status

  • Information on courses of study and degree requirements

  • Special January term when students, faculty, staff, and alumni can organize and participate in a wide variety of activities in addition to classes, including how-to sessions, forums, athletic endeavors, lecture series, films, tours, recitals, and contests

  • Information and resources to help students find and apply for internships

  • Information on finding, applying for, and conducting undergraduate research at MIT and abroad

  • Opportunities and process for study abroad

  • Process to apply for transfer credit from another university, including HASS or Communication Requirement Transfer Credit

  • Information on where and how students can cross-register

  • Info on Communication Requirement, which is a General Institute Requirement (GIR)

  • Info on the General Institute Requirement (GIR) in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS)

  • Searchable listing of courses with schedule info, textbook info, and class URL links

  • Guidelines on pursuing an undergraduate double major

  • The PE Requirement provides students with the instruction and skills necessary to lead healthy, active lifestyles and to foster both personal growth and a sense of community through physical activity

  • Information and guidelines on majors and minors

Class Management Tools