Housing, Dining and Transportation


  • Options for members of the MIT community who decide to live off campus—or just need a place to stay for a few days or weeks

  • Supporting MIT's network of fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups

  • Information about on- and off-campus housing for graduate students with families

  • All things related to housing on and off MIT's campus

  • This fund provides MIT students who are participating in an unpaid or underpaid internship/volunteer opportunity over the summer with a small grant of up to $1,000 to subsidize summer housing expenses.


  • Find the closest MIT residential dining hall

  • Information about special diets and nutrition information for MIT dining partners

  • Students in cook-for-yourself communities benefit from the unique opportunities associated with shopping for and preparing their own food

  • Flexible plans that offer fresh cuisines, specialized cooking stations that feature recipes from around the world, and hands-on cooking events throughout the academic year

  • Find the closest on-campus retail dining locations

  • From residence halls to meeting to events, MIT Dining offers numerous venues and programs to help feed hungry students and community members.

  • Information on wellness, focusing on nutrition and sustainability.

  • Free cooking classes (including meals to take home) are periodically offered through Graduate Residential Life, hosted by Associate Dean Naomi Carton. Check the DSL Graduate Residential Events page for updates.

  • SwipeShare is a program that allows students who are on a meal plan to donate their guest swipes to other students struggling with food insecurity. To request a meal follow this form.


  • Find out about parking permits, locations, guest options, policies, and procedures

  • Commuting options including bicyling, carpools, MBTA, emergency rides, and more

  • Commuter connection between Cambridgeport and North Station in Boston, with many stops in and around MIT

  • For a comprehensive list of operating hours Information on all MIT shuttles, including Saferide, the TECH Shuttle, airport shuttles, and more

  • Safe transportation at night within and around the MIT campus, free for all members of the MIT 

  • Do your part to curb bike theft

Family Services