Professional Development

Leadership Development

  • Find a role in the Graduate Student Council

  • Find a role in the Undergraduate Association

  • A listing of all recognized student groups on campus; find a match for you and take on a leadership role

  • A weekend opportunity for freshmen and sophomores that focuses in on the personal context of leadership with an interactive and experiential agenda

  • MIT L.E.A.D. is an effort to provide intentional and easily accessible forms of leadership training for MIT students and student organizations

  • An intensive six-day leadership development experience that takes place over IAP, covering professional ethics, dealing with uncertainty, and developing skills in areas of problem solving and interpersonal communication

  • Developing next-generation technical leaders who are equipped to understand and address significant engineering problems in real-world situations

  • Open to any member of the junior class, participants engage in a journey of personal leadership development and reflection


  • Provides the knowledge, support, and connections needed for MIT students to become entrepreneurs

  • Courses combine theory and practice to give students ample opportunity to use the skills they have learned within the curriculum

  • Over $350K in prizes are given to aspiring entrepreneurs each year through participation in a series of three contests: the Pitch Contest, the Accelerate Contest, and the Launch Contest

Practical Experience Opportunities

  • A one-and-a-half day workshop for graduate and postdoctoral women at MIT who are considering a tenure-track position in the fields of science, engineering, and technology

  • Support systems to help grad students develop their writing

  • Resources for improving your skills through a department or the Teaching and Learning Lab at MIT

  • MIT and Imperial College London jointly offer an intensive 4 day program for PhD students to develop professional skills required to launch and manage a successful research career

  • Connects current students to alumni in workplaces worldwide during MIT's Independent Activities Period (IAP)

  • A series of professional development events and workshops designed to help students successfully navigate through the corporate world

  • Upcoming events for graduate students

Advice and Mentoring

Work-Life Balance

  • Help with evaluating academic necessities and considering extracurricular commitments; includes a Time Distribution Assessment worksheet

  • Classes, workshops, books, a number to call for a 3-minute guided meditation, and much more

  • Information about child care, adult care, and quality of life issues

Initiatives to Improve Professional Development at MIT