Careers, Jobs and Internships

Career Advice

Making Connections

  • Provide formal opportunities for companies to educate and recruit MIT students for internships, full-time positions, and other company-related activities and events

  • Presentations or receptions to students to learn more about companies and to informally discuss job possibilities

  • Help with the process of discovering and utilizing connections between people

  • MIT Alumni can offer valuable and insightful guidance on mapping out next moves, launching careers (for upcoming or recent graduates), or natigating a mid-career change (for alumni).

Job Search

  • The CAPD Career Management System; an excecllent resource for jobs and internships

  • On-campus interviews help students and employers connect more easily

  • Guidance and resources to help you develop an effective resume, CV and cover letter, apply for jobs you are interested in, and be ready to successfully interview

  • MIT Spouses & Partners Connect is a community from all over the world, whose members share a common experience: being new to the Boston area. Learn more about the unique aspects of finding work in the United States..

Career Fairs


Student Employment

Graduate School